Windows Mobile Daylight Savings Fix

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Well, it is complex, but it ought to work, sort of. Microsoft has posted an official plan for Windows Mobile users to use in their palmtop devices.

As with any synchronized computing nightmare, sequence and timing seem to be really important. The rule of thumb with these updates is to update from the inside of the organization out. This means servers should be updated first, followed by desktop PCs & laptops, and then Windows Mobile devices.

The trick with all of this is that you really need to apply the updates and run the tools in the right order. It also seems critical to realize that any appointments you put on your calendar between the server update and your Windows Mobile update are apt to fling themselves from one time to another with all the accuracy of a monkey flinging unmentionables.

Microsoft’s plan for Windows Mobile is posted here: .

I still think the best thing to do is to back up your calendar application’s built-in time with appropriate communications. The title of the event can include the time and timezone, so that if Outlook changes it to a different hour, the proper time will still be recorded. For example, if I have a meeting with Farida on Thursday, I can create an appointment on my calendar at 3 PM, and simply entitle the appointment “3 EST Meet with Farida.”  That way if my calendar changes the built-in time to 2 PM or 4 PM, I still know what time we are meeting.

If I am arranging an international call, or (heaven forbid) planning to travel, I still think it’s a good idea to note the time in Greenwich mean time (GMT), and perhaps also note the proper number of hours’ deviation required to find the local time. If you work with the military, they call it “UTC” for some reason, but it’s the same thing. Luckily for all of us, we can all look to the all-seeing-eye (the Internet) for information. There are several good sites with global time zone information. Just pop “time zone” into google, and you’ll come up with many.


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