March 15

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Happy Ides of March! The scarier geeks among us celebrate this as “Tyrannicide Day”, but I think I’ll use it instead as an excuse to revisit the merry romp that is Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

(Come to think of it, the fun in Julius Caesar doesn’t really start until March 16, when the ghost of Caesar makes Brutus freak out, and Rome’s leadership starts turning into a toga-wearing version of Lord of the Flies. That is a hoot.)

If, however, you are not entirely enthusiastic about curling up with Caesar, there are lots of strange ways to mark the anniversary of Rome’s bloody coup d’etat. In Toledo, there is an Italian Wine Tasting event.

Blogger JJCohen of the Medieval Studies Blog recommends eating a Caesar salad and drinking an Orange Julius. I question Cohen’s qualifications, since Caesar doesn’t exactly fall in the Medieval period; but I’ll let it slide since salad and smoothies seem pretty nonthreatening.

Of course you can always visit Ancient Rome on the Internet, and play the game SQPR. By playing on the Ides of March you could win a t-shirt…

Or, like DCC’s Cindy Hupfel you could celebrate by going to see Bob Seger in concert! Have fun Cindy!


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