The trouble with trying to compete…

March 15, 2007 at 8:29 am | Posted in Technical | Leave a comment

I have been a truly faithful Google search user since the first week their site came online. Back then I chose it mostly because I had limited bandwidth, and Google was the only search engine with an uncluttered low-bandwidth design. Since then I have not looked back.

I have, therefore, become extremely spoiled without knowing it.

O, wonderous Google, I have taken you for granted! Please, please don’t ever change your search engine.

On March 9, I discovered that Microsoft was giving away money to UN-sponsored refugee relief programs whenever anyone used their new search engine through the end of March. “Gee,” I thought. “It’s only a few weeks. Surely I can give up googling for a few weeks in the name of philanthropy.”

I tried, I really did. The result of using Microsoft’s Live Search? I now have to search for everything twice. I try Live Search, find an endless list of web sites that don’t have the information I want, and then I get frustrated and try Google, where I usually find what I am looking for in the top three results listed.

I wasn’t looking for anything that challenging, in my opinion. One search string that led Microsoft Live Search to give me a long list of utter garbage:  HP smart array controller and Dell Perc 5 integrated controller card. Yesterday, using that search string, the top item on the Live Search results list was  a page with a free download of some hard drive tweaking software. This was the fifth time in about an hour that I had gotten a list of junk in response to  my search, and I admit I began to get frustrated. I think my neighbor Angela may have heard me utter an uncouth remark, which is completely out of character for me.

I frankly hadn’t strayed from Google in so long that I didn’t realize the rest of the industry couldn’t match the fidelity and accuracy (often attributed to their Pigeon Ranking system) to which I had grown accustomed.

Out of sheer charity, I am planning to try to stick with Microsoft until March 31, so they will give money away. After that, though, it will be a great relief to change my home page back to Google search, the engine that actually works.


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