New Mac Pro reaches epic proportions…

April 5, 2007 at 7:25 am | Posted in News, Technical | Leave a comment

When I saw Apple’s web site this morning, I think I heard the lofty trumpet sounds of Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man chiming down from the heavens. I am pretty sure the murky clouds over the Detroit area parted, and a single ray of sunshine beamed directly down through the Dynamic Computer ceiling and onto my flat panel.

The new Mac Pro is just an unspeakably awesome computer. Let’s start with options for 8-core Xeon processing. Up to 16 GB of RAM. 3 TB of storage & your choice of three hot graphics carts. It is downright swoonworthy. The best part: the entire thing is customizable. You can opt to start out with this case nearly empty, leaving a ton of room for expansion, or you can load up. The price difference there is about $2500 for the bare bones (still pretty great) up to about $12,000 for the most incredible desktop computer I have ever seen.

I can’t wait to see if the reviewers like these. I think it’s a great move for Apple to offer just one really amazing new computer, and let people scale it the way they want it. I’m sure most home users aren’t going to shell out $12,000 for a machine to play World of Warcraft or Doom; the nearly empty version could still make for some pretty smooth gaming or multimedia performance. I can, however, see how some professionals might want to inch toward the $12,000 top end. I have got to think this would be an amazing architect’s or engineer’s computer. It would also be great for my work with the Adobe Creative Suite, rendering vector graphics and such, although I’d have a tough time convincing Casie and Farida of the ROI of switching me from Windows to Mac and buying me a computer that costs as much as a car.

Dare to dream.  And now, all together on the count of three:

one,        two,         three:    *swoon*


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