Vista Service Pack Rumors Abound

July 9, 2007 at 9:59 am | Posted in News, Technical | Leave a comment

Although it seems that the strategy on this is to keep it under wraps as much as possible, the blogosphere seems to think Microsoft will have a Vista Service Pack 1 beta this month.

I’m not sure whether I believe that or not. If it’s really true, I think I’ll try it as soon as I can possibly get it downloaded. I’ve only had Vista a short time, but I have high hopes for improvements that would not be much of a stretch for a service pack fix.

Here are my top Vista SP1 suggestions:

1. Manageability for the security package. Users should be able to make this a less nagging experience without completely crippling their system’s security.

2. More customizable menu display options to ease the navigation learning curve. Some of us are still using XP machines or Server 2003, and going daily from those to Vista’s navigation is a twisting turning labyrinth of pain.

3. Streamline startup and shutdown. For some reason Vista takes a very long time to do these things, even with a computer which exceeds the recommended specs. I’ve had good performance once it’s up, but I am irritated with the length of time it takes to boot and shutdown.

4. Work on hardware compatibility. There are still an awful lot of parts that Vista doesn’t recognize.

5. Remember wireless keys. I’m still having to input my wireless security key every single time I boot the machine. The wireless connection comes up “limited” (which as far as I can tell means “completely disfunctional”) and I have to go in to the properties panel and type in the key, then disconnect and reconnect before it will work. XP Pro simply saved the key, so after the first time I typed it in, I didn’t need to repeat the process. Vista is driving me nuts with this one.

6. Check for memory consumption issues? I know Windows is a notorious resource hog, but my Vista, sitting idle and not connected to a network or running any third party applications uses around 500 MB of memory continuously. That seems like a lot, for an idle OS.

All of those things aside, I find that I like a lot of Vista. It’s hard for me to administer, probably because I am an admin dinosaur dating back to the earliest NT days. Once it’s running, though, it is very smooth and appealing.


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