RFID-Enabled Library

October 2, 2007 at 2:51 pm | Posted in News, RFID | Leave a comment

I love hearing about libraries coming into modern times. I adore books, and wouldn’t want to see an era of paper-free  knowledge.

So, it warms my heart to see the RFID implementation at the San Bernardino County Public Library.  They are using it in multiple ways, which is great, because they will see much better ROI  by using RFID throughout the organization. Here at Dynamic we worry a lot about our DoD contractor clients, who might only be using RFID when they are required to slap a tag on an item before shipping. They could get so much more out of it if they were to use it internally as well!

Back to San B Library. Thinking as most libraries must, of course, they are using the tags for loss prevention purposes. They’ve tagged all their DVD cases, which should help cut down on theft of high-risk items. (Alas, today’s youth are less interested in stealing a nice Nancy Drew novel than stealing the movie.) 

The part I think is great, however, is that they are using RFID to try to improve customer service. They’ve created a self-checkout system so patrons don’t have to wait for a librarian. This will also liberate librarians from the circulation desk, giving them more time for the actual ordering and maintenance of books, event planning, readings, research work, and more.

Even more cool: at the self-service station you can remove the security device from the DVD case on your own. This makes me grin, since my own tiny hometown library’s security devices often cover the movie description on the back of the case, and I am forever having to have our librarian remove the device so I can find out what the movie is about.


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