Our Visit from Santa’s Elf

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The Dynamic Holiday party took place Friday evening after work. During our lunch, however, we had a special visitor!





Back to the Dugout

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Eric and I (Wendy) have returned from the NACCHO conference in Columbus. Once again, our little baseballs were a hit; we came home without a single one!

We spent most of our time speaking to public health directors and learning about their IT challenges. It seems that many of their obstacles are the ones faced by our other friends in health care; but that they are magnified by funding and infrastructure issues.  It seemed to me that every health official I met had a completely different funding and administrative structure from everyone else. The one thing they all seemed to have in common was an intense drive to work on disaster preparedness.

This is good, since Dynamic can help with that. We’ve got Intermec solutions for inventory tracking, which is a big part of disaster preparation. (For example, if you receive 500 gallons of drinking water, this technology allows you to make sure it gets to the recipients.) We also work on the network-related end of disaster preparedness, which involves making continuity and backup plans in case the network is directly impacted by a natural disaster or act of terrorism. I left the conference with a strong feeling that we have a lot to offer the public health community.

Home again

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After a busy week, the DCC team is back. We had a great time meeting new people and getting reacquainted with long-time friends. Our booth was very popular due to an accident of fortune: Our theme for our exhibit was “knock one out of the park”,  and this week the Tigers pitched their first Comerica Park no-hitter! We must have given away 250 DCC baseballs. To sum up, here are some photos: Continue Reading Home again…

Happy Birthday Carrie and Cindy

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It’s a big week for us at Dynamic, as we celebrate Cindy Hupfel and Carrie Winters’ birthdays! Happy birthday, guys!

DCC’s Picnic

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Last Friday DCC’s staff kicked off the weekend with a picnic at Farmington’s lovely Heritage Park. Almost everyone was there, along with their kids, and we had a great time! We lucked out with the weather, too.

Our company picnic

Lori’s Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Lori Kasparian! We celebrated with a very tasty cake, and I’m sure everyone will be relieved to know that my photo didn’t turn out, so I won’t post it on the blog. Still, everyone at Dynamic wishes Lori the best.

Farida’s Birthday!

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We were all singing in our kitchen again on Monday:  Happy birthday Farida!


Family Visit…

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Dynamic had a visitor today! This is Chloe, Casie’s daughter.


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